Thursday, July 31, 2008


We had the wedding cake, now let's have the baby shoe. This is made out of paper and tied with a ribbon lace. The stitching was drawn on with a fine tip marker. It was a possibility for a baby shower favor. Could be filled with candy, etc. Off the top of my head, I don't remember where I found this pattern, but if anyone is interested, I could do some searching and find the source.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Paper wedding cake made from round hat boxes. Stacked upside down upon each other, covered in wrapping paper and decorated with mini wedding dresses, swans, hearts, wedding cakes, flowers, butterflies with vellum wings, and bottles of champagne with glittered corks. The cake also has silver holographic foil icing on it. Slit in top to deposit greetings for the happy couple. Cake is glued to a foil, scalloped cake round with a paper-hinged trap door on the bottom to retrieve the goodies.


Monday, July 28, 2008


Hi. I'm Me (Marsha) of Frannie and Me. This is my new blog - just thought the title said it better. If you're interested, you can still view my first postings at Frannie And Me. I hope some of my ideas will inspire you too. In the next couple of days I'm going to put up the rules for a strawberry swap for anyone interested in that. Hope you'll join me. I would love to hear from you.

By the way, here's a picture of an outdoor wall sign I made for my house. I found the plaque in the clearance aisle at Home Goods. I repainted it and decoupaged our house number on underneath the words "Home Sweet Home". Of course, I couldn't leave off the polka-dots! Now I need to find an old pair of shoes that I can paint red and then glitter to leave near the front door.