Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is from the Curio Cottage in Westport.  It is a teeny, tiny thrift store run by the Westport Woman's Club.  They have some of the nicest treasures, like that very long strand of pearl beads.  I don't think I've ever seen faux pearl beads that large.  They are even hand-knotted.

I found this large, framed print at the Goodwill in Norwalk (please ignore the reflection of a paddle fan).

Both of these girls will be going into Frannie's room.  We are planning to repaint the walls pink and grow it up a little.  Can you believe Frannie doesn't have pink walls?  Most of her furniture is pink though.  I'll probably have to change that too - maybe a creamy white.  We'll see.


Tidbit:  Have you ever had the opportunity to see Stevie Wonder perform?  I think it was December, 1979, when my husband and I went to one of his shows at Lincoln Center.  His album, Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants, had been released that year and his performance, as well as the venue, was spectacular.  Before the show, we dined at a pub style restaurant (my husband says it was called Suspenders) and we had the most delicious, piping hot, French Onion Soup.  One thing I do remember for sure was that it was a frigid winter evening, just like the temperature is now.  Brrrrr!

I'm mentioning this because my post title is another Stevie Wonder hit.  Just in case I'm dating myself and you didn't already know.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


...tag sales, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops and other people's junk left on the side of the road.

Recent treasure hunting loot:

The gloves are pink!

And look at this,

A two pound, unopened roll of red & white bakery twine!


Saturday, January 5, 2013


My original intention was to applique this hat to the back of a denim jacket with ribbons coming up over the front of the shoulders - you know, as if you slid your bonnet off the back of your head.  Of course, it slipped between the cracks in the woodwork and Frannie is too old for that look now, so I'll have to turn it into something else.  It's large.  I used a dinner and salad plate for the templates.  Still like it.  I've always liked hats.


Trivia:  Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe (October 20, 1890? – July 10, 1941), known professionally as Jelly Roll Morton, was an American ragtime, early jazz pianist, bandleader and composer.  He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  This info was taken from Wikipedia.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


This quilt top is from a jelly roll purchased a long time ago, so I am officially naming it the Jelly Roll Morton quilt.  I'm just going to assume you know who he is.  The center square fabrics (two different, but the same) were a separate purchase as well as the backing (stripe) and binding (rosebud).  I have made lots of things out of the excess (view purse here).

Like me, photos are not quite as vivid as they should be.  I am already longing for spring.  That's probably why I've changed my banner so quickly.  I want color.  I want flowers, and I don't mean the kind in a vase.  I want green leaves on the trees and green grass under my toes.  I want to wear pretty, impractical shoes.  Alas, it is only January 3rd.  Dirt snow covers the ground.  The silver lining in this cloud is my current project - a colorful crochet afghan requested by Frannie.  I am using these yarns.  She checks on it everyday to see how long it is getting.  I love crochet.  The repetitive motion is soothing, almost hypnotic at times.  The most relaxing needlework, I think.  Perfect for evening.  After everything else is finished for the day.  (Homework - Dishes - Lunches for next day ✓ - Tote bag/trapper/violin ✓ - Outfit - Child in bed - Laundry ✓ - Dog walked - Milk & biscuits for dog ✓✓ - Yes, our dog loves milk & biscuits every evening before bed - except he refers to them as milk & cookies.)  TV on.  Cozy socks.  And fleece.  Sans make-up.