Monday, October 21, 2013

SHE'S AN AMERICAN GIRL with Crocheted Afghans

We have a new addition to our home.
Light skin, layered red hair, brown eyes.

Frannie doesn't actually "play" with dolls any longer.  She enjoys styling their hair.  We both like to craft, knit, crochet and sew for them.  That's how I first learned to sew - by making doll clothes.

Do you see that cute, raspberry beret American Girl #35 is wearing?  I didn't make that.  But I could have.  If I wanted to.  Tongue-in-cheek.

I did crochet these two, doll-sized afghans with coordinating pillows especially for her.  My pattern cue for the white, pink and aqua afghan came from Mille Makes and Dottie Angel.  You can find the tutorial here.  The pink/aqua afghan was inspired by Helen Philipps.  It looks just like the one she made. There is no pattern (I just winged it), but you can view it here.  The pillows are crocheted rounds (front and back are the same) that were stuffed with fiberfill and tufted with buttons (vintage buttons on the white pillow).


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Time for another bunting.  Basic triangle (chain 2 - 3 dc in 2nd chain from hook - chain 2 - turn - dc across increasing 1 dc at end of each row.)  My candy corn have 19 rows (5 rows white - 10 rows orange - 4 rows yellow) and measure approximately 10-1/2 tall.  Two rows single crochet for ties.

Spiders are small pom-poms with pipe cleaners for legs.  We made these for Girl Scouts one year.  No googly eyes this time.  Didn't think they could withstand the weather.

Out with the old.  Don't believe I ever posted this banner.  Made it for summer.  Man, that Red Heart Super Saver takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.  Look at what great shape the banner is in even after being out in the elements for the past two months, and the colors did not even fade.  That is super!  I am going to store this away and put it outside again next year.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reduce RE-USE Recycle

It has recently come to my attention that Frannie has a lot of hair accessories that she no longer wears.

I've never seen anything this cute in the notions department.

Oh yes, only 9 more rows.