Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's finished, at last.  Yeah!

Just what Frannie ordered.  (Am I the only one who keeps their furniture covered?  I am protecting them from a preteen, adults who read lots of newspapers and snack while watching TV, and a bichon.  Of course, if I knew you were coming, I would remove them and bake a bundt.)

Soft and cozy, too.

Found the inspiration on Pinterest (where else?!!) and the pattern here.  Not difficult - just don't nod off while your hooking.



PunkiePie (Jen) said...

It's a BEAUTY, Marsha! And I too have my couch covered for similar reasons. The crumbs that collect under the afghan is INSANE! But my couch looks brand new. LOL.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a lovely afghan! The colors are scrumptious and the pattern is divine! We keep the two dining room chairs used by our two youngest covered with towels for the same reason, but no other furniture. Whatever works!


Thimbleanna said...

Arggghhhh! My stupid pin it button won't work and I want to pin your version. I'm off to see if I can figure another way. It's BEAUTIFUL!

CrochetKim said...

It turned out so lovely!

csbstar said...

Beautiful! What is the name of the yarn that was used for this project? What are the names of the colors? Thank you, Cindy

Onda said...

The afghan is gorgeous! I love the color combination you used! As the last commenter asked, I too would like to know the brand of yarn you used-- you mentioned how soft it is. Just beautiful!!