Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sharon, over at Red Geranium Cottage, has finally received my package of goodies for the cupcake swap, so I think it's safe to reveal what I sent to her. I wanted to give her a cupcake party in a box, and she received the following: Funfetti cake mix, Funfetti frosting (I wanted to send her the pink one, but I could only find vanilla, so I had to settle for that), pink cupcake wrappers with pink polka dots (can't send out something without some polka dots involved somewhere now can I?), a small Martha Stewart cupcake take-out box (in case Sharon wants to give a few of those cupcakes to her neighbors), four adorable little cupcake candles to light up her party, a cupcake banner, and, last, but not least, a cupcake hat (you can't have a party without a party hat now, can you?), and I knew Sharon would be brave enough to wear it, at least once! She didn't disappoint me either. Take a peek at Sharon's blog and see how fab she looks in it!

Cupcake P-A-R-T-Y Banner

This is made from a 4-ply paper for the backing which I traced a whole cupcake pattern Next, I cut out various papers with stripes to resemble cupcake wrappers. Polka-dotted (there's those pesky polka-dots again) and glittered papers were used to look like frosting with non-pareils and sugar coating. Of course, you can't have a cupcake without a cherry on top - those were made with red foil holographic paper. The frosting part of the cupcake was also outlined with silver glitter just to add a little extra sparkle. Letters were printed off the computer and backed with a crepe paper streamer that I gathered up on the sewing machine. I used spray adhesive to attach the papers and then weighted it down with heavy books for a couple of hours to make sure it was going to hold. It's a good idea to put a sheet of waxed paper between the paper and books to make sure they don't stick together. When it was all done I put paper tabs on the back and strung a ribbon through. It can easily be folded flat for easy storage. I do love to make banners, and it this was a lot of fun!

Cupcake Hat

Now on to the hat! Believe it or not, I purchased just about everything I used to make the hat at Walmart. This included an 8" round kraft box, lots and lots of pins with white tops on them, paper in various shades of pink, a Martha Stewart hydrangea punch (I also use her glitter because it's really good and comes in lots of nice colors), and an 8" half styrofoam ball for the frosting. The cupcake wrapper, lining, foam cushion, and ribbon were out of my stash. The cherry on top is made from a styrofoam ball, painted red, glittered and attached with a piece of floral wire. The wrapper is made from several strips of paper that I accordian folded. I'd tell you exactly how to make this hat, but I'm afraid I would bore you to death, so if you really want to know, just ask. I've made lots of hats and crowns, each one different, but all are great fun to create. Just let your imagination go wild!



Red Geranium Cottage said...

My hat and banner were the hit of my party. Im telling you everyone just loved them. I have photos of all of us wearing the hat. I mean ALL of us. Just wait till you see.
Thank you soo much again. I love it all. You really did alot of work and I appreciate it and will treasure it forever.

Carla said...

You are very talented! The hat and banner are great. I couldn't have made those up.

Dandelion Quilts said...

You are so talented! That hat is adorable. That banner is very cute, too.

Nan said...

I just wanted to tell you that you are one VERY talented lady! The banner and the hat are the cutest, and I know Sharon loved them! Also, your post for the PJ party was incredible! I bow to your greatness!!

Lorraine said...

.....just had to check out who made the hat! LOL it is fantastic.....would love to know how you did it (if you want to email me the directions I would really appreciate it) we always have a hat theme for our Melbourne Cup bbq at work and I made a cup cake fascinator last year but am thinking giant cupcake would be good for this year!! thanks for sharing the banner idea as can tell Sharon loved it all...wasn't this a great swap!!!

Thimbleanna said...

HO--LEEEE COW!!!! You're AWESOME!!! Sharon mentioned that you'd sent a banner and that one is FANTASTIC. Not to mention the hat. WOW. You're SO talented -- what a great package you put together.

And tell Nan to stand back up -- I'm bowing to your greatness and I'm never getting up LOL!!!


Mary Anne Drury said...

Yeah You!!! congrats on winning the prize over at Sharon's Sista's party!!!
...... AND.....I just LOVE that cupcake hat!!! What a HOOT!!! and the cupcake banner (and for that matter, everything on your blog that you've made) are just the cutest things!!! You are a CREATIVE WHIZ KID!!!

Jen said...

I LOVE the cupcake hat and would like instructions on how it was constucted and if you could give me ideas on other hats you've done, that would be great! I have a 3 year old little girl and she loves to make hats but I'm just not that creative. I'm good with a visual and directions though. LOL. She would love to wear a cupcake hat. Looks great on Sharon too.