Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Spent some time up in the attic this past weekend looking for Halloween decorations when I came across the high chair I decorated for Frannie. It was a lot easier to bring the camera up to the attic than it would have been to bring the chair downstairs and then back up again, so pardon the background. After I had my little girl, I felt that a pretty high chair was in order, not one of those plastic things, and it's so much more attractive in the kitchen. I purchased a new, unpainted chair with the appropriate seat belt for safety, and then got right to work. I chose a light pink color with a periwinkle blue accent.

I wanted the high chair to look as though it were always set for a tea party so I got out my scissors, paper and decoupage medium. If you look closely, you'll see that I threw in a few thoughts of love (conversation heart next to cupcake says "true love", biscuit next to tea cup says "je taime", and there are heart-shaped cookies pouring out of the teapot). You'll also notice that I put periwinkle blue polka-dots around the edge of the tray (I wanted to make sure that I started Frannie out of the right foot). :)

I didn't want to overdo the polka-dots, so I controlled myself and put some stripes and letters on instead. The letters were created on the computer (I personally like Illustrator). After choosing a fun font, I sized it to fit on the back of the chair, then inversed the type and printed it out on the back of a polka-dot (whoops) paper, cut them out, and glued. A temporary glue stick works great for positioning, then just remove one letter at a time as you go along with the decoupage medium.

Lastly, the toe rail needed a little something - "Step Right Up" seemed to foot the bill (he-he-he). Another good thing about this chair was that the tray could be lifted over to the back which then made this a great youth seat when Frannie was ready to eat at the table, but still needed a little height. This chair is a keeper. Maybe someday Frannie's little girl will sit in it.

Here's a tip, after you decoupage, be sure to put on several coats of urethane. I use a water-based product. The tray was wiped clean again, and again, and again, and you can see that it still looks great!


Mmmmmm... Chocolate


Jackie said...

I love the high chair! Beautiful work! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to see you again.

Barb on cape cod said...

You are a very talented young lady!!! Thanks for showing us that high chair, it is adorable! barb from oceanwavesquilts.

debbie said...

You are so talented! I am always impressed with your work! :o)

PunkiePie said...

LOVE IT! And I was going to ask you on how you protect all your hard work when you're done with the decoupage. Now I know. Thanks for the tip!


PunkiePie said...

Thanks for the varnish name, Marsha. I will have to stock up on paint and other supplies to get this little chair done. It was given to me to give to Amelia but right now, it's black and the paint is peeling. I know I can make it look MUCH cuter!


Julia said...

That is so cute! I could see that sitting in the corner of a bakery. You're so crafty! I bet you could sell stuff like that on Etsy!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such thoughtful comments. I really appreciate your kind words. :-)

Nicole said...

That high chair is awesome!