Thursday, October 2, 2008



Just finished these two pumpkins. I did this same design on a real pumpkin last Halloween, but I had to throw it away at the end of the season. So, this year I went to Michael's and purchased two of those craft pumpkins. They look real! And they're so much easier to paint on, the surface is not quite as slick. One of these pumpkins is for Frannie's classroom and the other is for home.

2007 Issue

The idea came from the 2007 issue of Halloween Tricks & Treats by Better Homes & Gardens. I enlarged the pattern to the appropriate size, traced it onto the pumpkins and painted. I tweaked it a little by adding glittered eyes and a sparkly, glittered moon. I also elongated the necklace and used stick-on rhinestones in an amber color. They'll look just as good next year!

Tomorrow I'm going to post another giveaway - check back!



debbie said...

Oooohhh..I love your kitty pumpkins!!!

CB said...

Your kitty pumpkins are adorable. Makes me wanna go out and buy some plastic pumpkins too! :)

PunkiePie said...

Love the pumpkins Marsha! I think I need to hunt that magazine down and make one myself. Actually, Punkie-Girl does want to paint a pumpkin. Maybe I'll pick up one from Michaels for her to paint this weekend so that we can have it year after year. Thanks for the great idea!

Jen :)

debbie said...

I had to stop back and tell you!!! I was going through my quilting magazines and found this issue of BH&G!!! I was so thrilled! We purchased a lovely pumpkin over the weekend, soon to have a kitty too! :o) thanks for sharing!! :o)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Did you paint that bucket?? OMG I love it. Way cute. I've been gone and missed your contest. Dang it.