Saturday, March 14, 2009


Click on this and take a good look!

Today was my niece's bridal shower. Her name is Jenny and you can read her blog over at Birtyboutique0i0. This is the bride-to-be crown I made for her special day. I started this project about 12 AM Friday and finished it off that same day. I kept waiting for inspiration and it finally arrived. It started with a new headband and ended with a beautiful bouquet of paper roses. First off, a strip of foam rubber was glued to the inside of the band for added comfort and dimension. Next came a base of paper flowers that I had in my decoupage stash, which I just adhered to the band with double-sided tape (that really strong kind). Then I put on another layer of flowers for a 3-D look. The rose in the center was put on with one of those foam dots so that it stands out. Then I went to work with some left over crepe paper ruffles that I had sewn up for the party favors (post coming soon). Like you would use ribbon, I just curled them around and around forming roses and held them together with my best friend, the hot glue gun. Next came a couple of small flowers from the bridal department at Michael's and some pearly things dangling off the top. The crowning glory is the paper doll. If you look closely, you'll see Jenny in that bridal dress. The crown was displayed on a pedestal cake stand until the bride-to-be arrived. It looked beautiful on her!

Paper Roses lyrics link here.



Linda said...

Oh, goody. I'm the first to comment on the crown. And what a crown it is. Thank you for telling how you made it. Just loving your blog. Just so many things to see. Linda

PunkiePie said...

Very pretty!

Happy Birthday Frannie!

Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty -- I'll be your niece loved it! Did you get a pic of her wearing it???

Cheryl said... are one creative person. That is so amazing and how personal. Great job and thanks for sharing how you did it.

Melissa Baugher said...

The crown (and favors) turned out beautifully! Thank you so much for your help on turned out to be a lot of fun!

birtyboutique0i0 said...

Thanks so much for everything you did for my shower. I had a great time and the little brides are cute. I got a request for the recipe for the cakes in the favors. I'm not sure if you are willing to give it out but I thought I'd ask.