Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers Everywhere

I Love The Flower Girl

She Seemed So Sweet And Kind
She Crept Into My Mind

Sunday was Frannie's First Holy Communion and I wanted to show you the headpiece I made for this special event. I used a plain, 2-inch wide plastic headband that I purchased at Michael's for the base. Then I made some roses out of crepe paper streamers that I had previously gathered up. Next, I went through my stash and found all kinds of oohs and ahhs to fill in the blanks, including vintage buttons with rhinestones, pearls, and sparkly Christmas garland that I cut into pieces. Then my bff (the hot glue gun) and I got right to work. Frannie was thrilled!



PunkiePie said...

How pretty! And congratulations to Frannie. She didn't have to wear a veil? When I made my 1st communion, a white veil was mandatory...

Mary Anne Drury said...

Frannie !!!! You look SO PRETTY !!!and you are such a lucky girl to have such a creative mom !!!
Congratulations on your First Communion!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! It's beautiful. And Frannie looks just stunning in her pretty white dress!

Knot Garden said...

Very pretty and so clever. I bet she was thrilled with it! She looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a lovely head piece! Well done!
and Frannie looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Isn't she adorable!!!! Love the headband too Marsha. Great job. I want you to adopt me ok?

Felicia said...

Adorable :)

Merci-Notes said...

May I just say how beautiful and special your daughter looks on such an important day!!! First Communion, our first sacrament that we are aware of. Many Blessings to you all. :)
You did an extremely wonderful job on her headpiece!!! I love how you made hers!!!
Ok, next,
* I read : "The Flower Girl" and immediately had that song in my head, well done :)
*And then seeing what day it was for your family made me smile even more.
*THEN the music started, I love that song and it is so perfect for your Daughter and her day.
Thank you for stopping by and all of the joy you share on your blog!