Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I was going to title this blog post "Counting Flowers On The Wall", but after writing, I've changed my mind.

You may recall, a while back, I showed you a couple of my
window box ideas. Well, this year it was time for a new one and also for some new words of wisdom. My husband built this one for me and I painted it. I always make a pattern up on the computer of what I want to do. My preference - Illustrator. I print it out and tape it together. I paint on my base coat, and then on the back of my pattern I use the old pencil transfer technique. Just in case you're not familiar with that, it means I scribble with a pencil over the printed lines that are visible through the paper, then I tape my pattern onto my painted surface, and using a pencil or pen, I trace over my pattern, and voila! - the design magically appears. I chose a nice bright green (Folkart Spring Green). My house is a pretty neutral color - blueish gray or grayish blue - whatever you want to call it - with black shutters. So I like to "kick it up a notch" with splashes of bold, bright colors. For example, my front door is a very sunny yellow, and I like to add bits of red here and there. My terra cotta pots have all been painted, each in a different color, but I tie them altogether by painting each one with a black rim and white polka dots. I often wonder what the neighbors think, but as I drive around and look at other houses, I notice that most people "play it safe" - plain white doors, etc. Why not go out on a limb? Be a little daring. Go ahead - express yourself.



PunkiePie said...

I want to come over and check out all your decorating! Now that I know you have a sunny yellow door, I'm sure I can find you. LOL!! I wish my outside was pretty. The weeds are taking over my gardens and I have big equipment in the yard. No fun. BUT my front door is RED!

Thimbleanna said...

How fun! That's beautiful Marsha -- and I love the bright, happy reminder!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Isnt that the cutest thing ever!!!!! I need one of those!!! Adorable. You are so talented.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love it - what a great decorating idea!