Sunday, December 18, 2011


Speaking of sugarplums, I thought you'd like a see little slide show. Each year Frannie and I put up a second tree - this one is just for us. It stands only 3 feet tall. We put multi-color lights and gumdrop garland on it. The ornaments are either food related or pink or both. We call it our "Sweet Tree". On with the show!

This year's addition. I found her at an estate sale. In a basement. In a crumpled up bag. She's been returned to her place of honor and is happy in her new home. She's very fragile, but oh, so sweet!

Sometimes you find very nice ornaments where you'd least expect it. The red and white stripe candy ornament came from Walmart a few years back. It is glass and quite lovely.

Mmmm... Donuts

I've made quite a few of these birdhouses in different colors. The pink one goes on the Sweet Tree.

Another ornament from Walmart.

The clay cupcake ornament came from Frannie's holiday shop at school. It was a Christmas gift. She knows what I like.

Mmmm... More Donuts

When I was on my own and put up my very first Christmas tree, I purchased a whole bunch of these little red apples at Green's Five and Ten (I believe that is what you would now refer to as a Dollarama). I still use them every year, even though a few have cracked and crackled a bit.



PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I love that idea of a "sweets tree". I may have to borrow that one. Once my new kitchen is done, I may have room for a little tree in my dining room next year! I will now be on the hunt for "goody type" ornaments. Thanks for sharing Marsha and Merry Christmas to you and Frannie and family!

Thimbleanna said...

What beautiful ornaments! I used to have one of those little angels like you have in your first picture -- hmmmm, I wonder what's happened to her??? I hope you and Frannie had a very Merry Christmas!

Rosy Creations said...

That's my kind of tree ornaments they are so adorable, I love the stuff you make on your blog:)