Wednesday, April 11, 2012


There was another birthday around here recently. Frannie turned 11 years old. We celebrated with a "Parisian" style party for her and eleven other girls. Of course, we were so busy attending to our guests, that another year has gone by and I have only these two photos to show for it. We set up three intimate tables with seating for four girls at each one. The color theme was pink (of course), white and black. The tablecloths were white with black polka-dots ($1/yard fabric that I cut to size. I didn't even bother to hem and at the end of the party I just tossed it.) The plates were paper, but the petite champagne flutes were glass. Each girl received a "bon bons" container filled with goodies. I made these out of recycled cereal boxes that I formed into cylinders. They were quite generous, measuring approximately 7" long by 4" in diameter. I covered them in pink papers and printed out the words on the computer. Frannie filled clear cellophane bags with lots of goodies and then we tucked them inside the cylinders. I wrapped each in clear cellophane and tied the ends with wide polka-dot ribbon. The girls loved them!

The guests dined on five courses of "French" food. They started with petite croissant sandwiches - their choice of jambon (ham) et poulet (chicken). This was served up on an elegant footed silver-plated tray that I had previously rescued from the Goodwill. The second course was pizza de pain français (French bread pizza) that was devoured in an instant. Next up was pommes frites (French fries) - I had no idea 11 year old girls could each so many! Soon the pain grillé français (French toast) was ready - another hit! The last course were parfaits in petite parfait glasses (I've been collecting them from tag sales and thrift stores). My husband, François, donned a beret (as well as Frannie & myself) and penciled on a thin, pointy moustache for the occasion. He put a white cloth over his arm and played the role of waiter. François served the girls champagne (ginger ale). All afternoon the girls were calling, "garçon, garçon, more champagne! The guests had their choice of desserts as we set up a table de dessert in another room. They had a selection of yellow gâteau with frosting de chocolat, gâteau de chocolat with crème rose de beurr, red velvet with cream cheese, giant pastel M&M cookies, petite eclairs, and Oreo truffles in petite ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles (not to mention jelly beans, marshmallows, and other assorted bon bons). There was plenty for each girl to take home as well as another hand-made party favor which is not shown. I made each guest an adorable pink felt chick (from Pinterest) and crocheted a small black beret for each one that I sewed on top. After all, French chicks do like to party!


P.S. - Here's a knitting update - not only did I finish 24 points, I also picked up the 120 stitches required to continue. No, I did not spend the entire day knitting.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun Marsha! It sounds like you went all out and Frannie's party was a BIG hit. The table sure looks spectacular!

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