Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been teaching Frannie how important and EASY it is to recycle - or is it upcycle?  You know - re-use something you might ordinarily throw away.  So, can you guess what this needlecase is upcycled from?  That's right - there are CD's in there - four to be exact - two for the front and two for the back.

Here's what the inside looks like.  The left side has a pocket and the right has a two-layer felt booklet for needles and pins. The hinge is a scrap of wide black & white polka-dot ribbon.

Flip side.  The fabric is from Deena Designs.  Have had it for years.  The little girl on the left with the pony tail reminds me of Frannie.

Speaking of Frannie, here she is on stage at the Citywide School Orchestra.  She is first violin, and only the cream of the crop gets selected to perform at this event.  Do I sound proud?

 Look at all those conductors!

Every violinist needs some flowers at the end of a performance - pink of course!  How cute are those shoes?!!

We made Easter cookies.

Then we gussied them up and Frannie hopped around the neighborhood making deliveries.  She always pops up unexpectedly with treats.  The neighbors can't wait to see what she brings next.  Don't tell anyone, but they should be receiving a nice little surprise for May Day.

And, yet, another cupcake hat.  This one has white frosting with multi-colored sprinkles.

I think this one is my favorite so far.

One more little tidbit - we were in the mood for some bakery-style sugar cookies.  Large ones.  With lots of sprinkles.  Really, really good.

I just realized I didn't take any photos of the crocheted cherry hair ornaments I just made.  Super cute!  I'll have to remember to do that.




Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations to Frannie -- you should be proud! She looks so cute in the pictures. That little CD book is adorable!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Way to go Frannie!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric you used on the upcycled needlebook. Bursted my bubble when I read "got it years ago". Boo. :( the cupcake hat?? CUTE! My cousin is expecting and I may commision you to make me one to give to her. :) If you are willing, of course. :)