Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Oliver Twist

Introducing Oliver.  Oliver Twist to be more precise.  Although, sometimes we call him Ollie, and sometimes we call him Pick Pocket (he likes to steal anything he can get his little mouth on and make us chase him around the house).  Once in a while, you may even hear him being referred to as The Little Dickens!

Oliver is a Coton de Tulear.  His hair is super soft and feels like cotton, hence the name.  This breed is from Madagascar.  Oliver is 7 months old, although we've only known him for two weeks.  When full grown, he should only weigh about 8.8 to 13 lbs.  Oliver is very playful, affectionate, and extremely intelligent.  He loves to have fun.  He is very circus-like.  Cotons are known to have a habit of jumping up and walking on their hind legs to please people.  We have even seen Oliver do somersaults!  Cotons love meeting new people and are very curious in new situations. They are easy to train and very eager to please.  They are also great with kids and other animals. This breed, much like the Bichon Frise, has hair, therefore, it is a great pet for allergy sufferers.  They do not shed!

Oliver, or whatever we may call him, has once again brought happiness and laughter back into our home!


P.S. - I just finished knitting a snazzy sweater for this little guy in colors to match his circus-like demeanor.

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Thimbleanna said...

Awww, isn't he adorable! I've never heard of his breed -- are they hard to find? Did you have to go all the way to Madagascar {wink}{wink}??? I'll bet Frannie is over the moon!