Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I had a request for a set of crochet covered hangers.  I did not have a pattern, but did have a some original hangers to copy from.  Frannie has received many of these from her Great Aunt Grace.

It starts with a wooden coat hanger, most of which I find at tag and estate sales.  Since these are for a little girl, the hanger gets cut down to measure 12" (6" on each side of the hook).  I used worsted weight #4 acrylic yarn (it's okay to use the cheap stuff here - you know what kind I mean) and two different sized hooks (that's because I chain tightly - do what works for you).  With white yarn and size "I" hook, I chained 47 then switched over to pink yarn and chained an additional 4 stitches for a total of 51.  With a "G" hook, in the 4th chain from the hook (6 double crochet, skip 2 chains, 1 single crochet, skip 2 chains, 6 double crochet) - repeat until you have crocheted 9 clusters and then continue your pattern around on the other side.  Slip stitch in first double crochet.  End pink yarn.  With white and starting at the center point (just after the third double crochet stitch in the 5th cluster), single crochet around entire piece, but where the two clusters meet on each end, put in 2 single crochet to go around the curve.  Slip stitch in first single crochet.  Make two pieces because you need a front and a back.  At this point, if you prefer, you can cover the metal hook.  Starting at the top of the hook, make a loop with your yarn and using the "G" hook, begin slip stitching all the way to the end.  Leave a long tail and wrap it around the wood part of the hanger just to be secure.  No need to weave in any of the previous yarn tails because these all get hidden by the crochet cover.  Now place together the front and back crocheted pieces with wrong sides facing and begin slip stitching them together - again beginning at the center point.  Work 3/4 of the way around and then insert your hanger - continue slip stitching until you reach the beginning and then slip stitch into your first stitch.  Finish off by weaving in your yarn tail.

Using a "C" hook, I tightly chained 100 to make a cord for a pom-pom and tied it around the hook.

(I sure do hope all this makes sense!)

Frannie would like me to make her some new crocheted hangers.  I will make them using a full-size hanger and just crochet more clusters.  Instead of pom-poms as an embellishment, Frannie has decided that some crocheted flowers and leaves would be more grown up.  I agree.



PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Those are so great for a little girl. :)

Thimbleanna said...

Those are really cute! Thanks for taking the time to write out the pattern and share it!