Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's very difficult to photograph shawls,  shrugs and ponchos, especially if you don't have a willing model.

South Bay Shawlettes - Free Lion Brand Pattern.  The top one was crocheted with Cascade Cherub Aran.  I made this one for Frannie.

Another one for Frannie.  The blue and pink are Cascade Cherub Aran.  The white is Caron Simply Soft.  This one is Frannie's favorite, although I would have bet money that she would have picked the pink one.  She said it is because this one looks "Frozen" inspired.

This is the first South Bay Shawlette I made and it belongs to me, although someone keeps asking me if they can wear it.  I used Red Heart Boutique "Unforgettable".  I get a lot of compliments on this one.  People especially like the colorway and softness of the yarn.  It drapes beautifully.

Up next is your basic granny poncho.  Again, for Frannie.  This has gotten a lot of wear, I think mainly because it is soft and cozy and feels comforting on those chilly days.  This poncho was made with Red Heart "Love" in fuschia.  I don't know exactly how many pom-poms I crocheted around the border, but there are a lot.  I used this pom-pom pattern from Once Upon A Pink Moon.

Last up is a shrug made with Tahki Cotton Classic.  Free pattern on Ravelry, but I did have to modify the size.  I made this specifically because when the weather turns warmer and Frannie starts wearing sundresses to school, spaghetti straps are not allowed to show.  So, the dress has to be covered up over the shoulders.  I thought this would be cuter than your standard t-shirt.




Thimbleanna said...

Do you ever sleep? What a lot of beautiful crochet. Do you wear your shawl like a shawl over your shoulders, or more like a scarf wrapped around the neck? I never can decide!

Alexandra Richards said...

There are so many lovely makes here!
I would love if you shared them over at our Yarn Fanatic Party - http://eyeloveknots.blogspot.com/2015/05/yarn-fanatic-party-35-string-theory.html.