Thursday, June 25, 2015


Yesterday, Frannie was re-organizing her American Girl doll collection wardrobe.  She called me in to show me how well it turned out.  I noticed a stack of aprons.  I had forgotten how many I made.  Pattern for these aprons was Simplicity #2761, which is now out of print but still available hereI can't decide which is my favorite - maybe the one that matches Frannie's apron (I still have it tucked away).  The very last photo is from a blog post dated September 2008 - almost 7 years ago!  This apron was made from a Daisy Kingdom pattern for Simplicity #7856, also out of print.  It was available as a separate pattern in adult sizes too, of which I have made several (Simplicity #5201).  This particular pattern was great for using up leftover quilt binding.  Reminiscing over it makes me want to make it again.  I think I'll put that on the list.


Don't forget to visit Frannie at CuteKatyDolls on YouTube!  She is up to 600 subscribers!  

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Thimbleanna said...

Frannie looks so cute! Does that pattern criss-cross in the back -- I think I have it -- I've been meaning to make it forever! You've been a busy girl with all those aprons -- they're darling!