Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On occasion, I have been known to frequent a thrift store or two. I know, a few of you are probably feeling your skin crawl right about now. I'm not one to go looking through racks of used clothing, hey, I don't even like to look through racks of new clothing - I admit that I really don't like to shop at all. On the other hand, if I drive by a thrift store, Goodwill, flea market or estate sale, you'll hear my brakes squeal! It's so much FUN! I usually head straight for the glassware department because my favorite finds are vintage tea cups, and I have found quite a few beauties in the past. But on this one particular day, the sight of my all-time favorite color, robin's egg blue, caught the corner of my eye and when I turned, I did a little gasp because what I spotted was a beautiful pair of brand-spanking new designer shoes in just my size. I quick grabbed those beauties before anyone else could get their hands on them. I slipped one foot in and felt like Cinderella because it fit like a glove. I turned over the other shoe to see the price and lo and behold only a mere $8.00! Woohoo! Sold!

If you like vintage, wait until you see what I found at an estate sale this past weekend.



PunkiePie (Jen) said...

SCORE on the shoes, Marsha!! when are you going to share Frannie's Halloween costume with us?!

deb said...

I LOVE going to thrift shops!!!!!!!!! those shoes are very cool....now you just need a blue polyester empire waist dress to go with them...lol!!!