Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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Sometimes I volunteer at Frannie's elementary school, you know, working at the book fair, chaperoning on field trips, baking and selling at their annual election day bake sale, and being a room parent (among other things), but what I love most is teaching the children a new craft.

This was our spring bonnet craft. We took really large circles of paper and glued big doilies underneath to represent lace. Then the girls decorated the tops with paper flower shapes. Crepe paper streamers were used as ribbons to tie under their chins. I think they're ready for a stroll down Fifth Avenue!

Here's what they look like from the back. This would make a really fun craft for a girl's birthday party. (Can you tell which one Frannie is? I'll give you a hint - she's the one with the polka-dot thermos - but you knew that already, didn't you?!)

Now, how about some boater hats for the boys? I constructed the basic hats for the boys because they were a little more difficult. They are made out of cardboard rounds for the brims (the kind bakers use to put cakes on) and poster board for the crowns. The boys did all the decorating. Don't they look dapper!

Or maybe a bouquet of flowers is more your thing. For Valentine's Day we made tissue paper nosegays for the children to bring home for their moms. We used tissue paper rounds that I pre-cut, pipe cleaners, small round doilies as the nosegay holder, and ribbon. Now that's sweet!

The children get so excited when they see me come into the class because they know we are going to make something special. They have no idea how happy they make me! They're already asking about what we'll make this Halloween. I'd better get busy!



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PunkiePie said...

Great spring bonnets! I'll have to remember that craft in the dulldrums of winter when Punkie and I have nothing better to do.

Jen :)